It’s About the Future


Posted by Citizen on May 26, 2007

Our Citizenship is in Heaven. If you know what that means then you probably have something useful to contribute here. Better said, if you know what that means to its Author, then you may have something useful to contribute. If you don’t know what that means, then you probably have something to learn here.

It seems that most people disagree about most things most of the time. It’s also apparent that such antagonism, while nothing new in history, is approaching a boiling fever pitch. If your citizenship is where mine is, we may see eye to eye on other things.

Here’s a hint about where I’m coming from: The Constitution is not a fluid diagram that everyone can tinker with willy-nilly without destroying its value. The Constitution is the contract of governance among the people of this Nation. I think that contract is broken, and the purpose of starting this work is to begin repairing the contract.

I am interested in seeing what we can achieve for our country by preemptive commitments.

What I mean by that strange phrase is that such change takes place slowly. It will take a commitment deeper than our enemy’s commitment to achieve changes. This is true of the Gospel of course, but it is also true of the practical stuff we have to deal with day to day while we watch and wait. Politics. I know, yuck. But…

What follows will sound strident and zealous. Good, I hope so. Why should we show less passion than those who seek to destroy us? There is an entire political party that spews sedition, lies, and venom while accusing fellow Americans of their own behavior. They are relying on the shrillness of their agit-prop to shut up our involvement in our future. The long term effect cannot be good. America has mortal enemies. And our enemy is going about like a roaring lion seeking more of us to devour. It’s time to engineer plans for the future generations of leadership.

If you’ve read this far but haven’t read the rules, please read the About page, then please comment. If I could guide your comment it would be to invite proactive solutions to the problems our country faces. That’s the way the pioneers went about their lives, let’s apply some old-school wisdom in high tech ways to form the government we need to reclaim. Since I haven’t posted an actionable thesis I invite interested people to conspire with me to salvage the union.


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