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climate 2

Posted by Citizen on June 1, 2007

I may have been hasty. This may be the very best climate science site around. It destroys the algore class of junk science climate scam. According to this writer, “it’s the sun, stupid”.

Naturally if you believe that the symptom of climate warming, CO2, is the cause of climate warming, then do you also believe that a runy nose causes flu? Because that’s the analog of saying something caused by the increasing output of the sun is caused by something caused by the sun. Sound confused? Well, that’s how all those algorite acolites sound.

Don’t take my word for it, visit this site, and tell ’em citizen says hi.



One Response to “climate 2”

  1. nsferg said

    Who’s causing global warming on Mars? It’s the sun, stupid. Who’s causing global warming on Earth….

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