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something about Rudy

Posted by Citizen on June 1, 2007

There is a ton of palaver on the radio from self proclaimed conservatives who don’t really seem all that conservative to me. Try to follow me on this.

Rudy is running as a Republican for the party presidential nomination. Talkers like Hewitt, Miller, and Hannity are all saying ‘Rudy is my guy’, or words to that effect. At least two of those guys think they are conservatives. But I’ve got questions about that.

He is divorced. And he likes abortions. My question is this: if he is able to blow off two of the catholic church’s biggest no-no’s, then how conservative is that? Conservative means at least abiding by the original set of rules, not modifying them willy-nilly, right?

To get a little further down this road, Rudy wants to steal my guns by violating my second amendment constitutional rights, he wants to steal my money to pay for abortions, and he wants to give his blessings to same-sex relationships, something coincidently also forbidden by church doctrine. What’s my question?

What’s conservative about that? Which plank of the republican party says republicans stand for repudiating my constitutional rights, my human rights, and my moral rights? How is Rudy conserving the republican party platform? The short answer?

He isn’t. He is not a republican. He is a wolf in a republican toga. The really disgusting thing is that three smart guys have never even considered this, much less noticed their own decidedly un-conservative cheering for Giuliani. Not that he is all bad. He says the right words about killing the cold blooded killers ‘over there’.

So what? That does not make him a republican. There are lots of democrat talkers with the same line. That certainly does not make him a conservative.

If Hannity, Miller, & Hewitt think Rudy’s gonna get my vote, and the vote of other actual conservatives, I am very disappointed with them.

That’s what I would say if I could email them without giving up my first born, or get through on the blab line. Rudy’s not a republican, by his own words, and those three talkers aren’t conservative if they think Rudy is a republican. He fits the democrat party platform to a tee, he should be running on his side rather than stinking up ours.

The whole point is, if Rudy can not be trusted to play by the church playbook, or the party platform play book, how on earth can ANYONE trust him with the constitution/bill of rights playbook?

Not me and not my family. I bet there are millions of silent ‘amens’ from the silent majority come election day. Ya think?

I found this great map:


This is how an actual conservative polls. Does anybody seriously think that Guiliani can produce this result? No way, it’s not gonna happen.

One Response to “something about Rudy”

  1. Mike said

    I agree with almost every point you raise. That’s why I’m not voting for him either. I do he think he won the debate though. Let’s hope life and constitutional issues get a little more airtime in the next round. If they do, he won’t come close to tonight’s performance.

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