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Posted by Citizen on June 3, 2007

If you haven’t been confused by the junk science into believing that humanity, by emitting CO2 is increasing the temperature globally, are you getting somewhat TO’d about the scam they’re perpetrating?

Have you noticed that very prominent scientific experts are repudiating the hype and calling the scam a scam?

Back in the day when the Anchorage Alaskans were making noise about depriving the Juneau Alaskans of the state capitol, the legislature got cute and passed a bill INDEMNIFYING the property owners and business in Juneau against the devaluation that would befall them if such a move occurred.

The Anchorage Alaskans are still making noise about moving the capitol, but if they do they have to compensate every ‘stakeholder’ in Juneau, paying them for their financial losses.

The question occurs to me, who will cover my losses from the results of legislation based on junk climate science. More to the point, who will pay for my loss if they are actually successful, and glaciers destroy my home in Alaska.?

That’s the point you know. The climate is never in stasis, and the exact second that the warming period ends marks the exact start of the next period of glaciation. Almost everyone knows this indisputable fact, but who’s going to make the perpetrators pay the costs of instigating the next ice flow?

Do you find this hard to believe, radical sounding? It isn’t radical, it’s how the dots connect if you can see them. Who will lobby for us so our property, our businesses, and our way of life is financially secured from the risky climate change scheme? Will you? Because it’s the algorenuts who want to change the climate, not the sane people who like it just like it is. Want evidence to back up my claim? Thanks for asking. Read The Past and Future of Climate, a pdf file posted at climatepolice.com.


After reading this piece I hope the issue of protecting ourselves from the climate nuts will become a serious concern. It can’t be a good thing to have Seattle and Chicago, not to mention the entire nation of Canada and millions of endangered species, wiped out by the oncoming glaciers.

If that isn’t enough evidence to convince you, or you’re hungry for more information, here’s another junk science antidote article:


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