It’s About the Future

trent trust-me lott

Posted by Citizen on June 8, 2007

Like a roman senator in a purple toga Trent Trust-me Lott promises what he cannot deliver and demands respect for it. I don’t think there is a more crooked conglomeration of one hundred individuals than the U.S. senate. Lott and McCain schmoozing with Reid and Kennedy make the perfect picture of perfidy, the Quislings of the Republican party, the overbearing overclass attempting to cram legislation they have not read down the throats of American citizens who have. They are shocked that Americans do not want tens of thousands of hard core criminals and terrorists handed a rape-America-for-free card. What’s so difficult to understand about “NO WAY Jose”? Yeah Lott, you got one thing right, you’re from the government and WE DO NOT TRUST YOU. Filthy conglomeration indeed.

So, not believing me about Trust-me from the government? Read the transcript on this Hugh Hewitt page:


Then read this stunner from the Seattle Examiner, of all places!


Remember this: The Government is the Overclass

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