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power to the voters: boycott

Posted by Citizen on June 9, 2007

There IS a way to effect the death of the horrible sham-amnesty bill that is coming back like a bad penny.


Boycott the GOP: set up an escrow account to accept gop donations that we withheld from the politicians. Then disburse those funds directly to the candidates who support the bills we want and defeat the ones we hate.

The clincher? The donors vote for the candidates to support, and the support is given in the proportions voted on. Only donors vote. Only politicians who serve the constituents honestly, as opposed to say, Trust-me Trent, get those funds for their campaign. If we dry up their election funds, we can get rid of them. We could be really magnanimous and do the same favor for the Democrats who help defeat rotten bills. It would be like a tax-payer rebellion, but with more teeth and less dangerous side effects. If we all boycott together we can actually fire the bums and rotate in some less smelly replacements.

What do you think, can you catch a vision of how much fun it will be to actually get into the decision cycle of the scoundrels? This won’t be a PAC or anything other than an escrow account that will drain money out of the election campaigns of the scuzzy politicians and divert it to the few who actually uphold the Constitution and defend Americans against her enemies within and without.

Will you join the fun? Will you use your law degree to set up the boycott and your website design skills to set up the front end and your accounting degree to keep the entire thing above board? It’s the equivalent of a third party candidate, but the third party is WE the PEOPLE.


Think of it as an unfunded mandate, the voters mandate by defunding the overclass. This is rich; finally there’s a way to be heard, the silence will be deafening. Most people take the view that they will just stay home and punish the bleepers, but that just punishes us. The way to punish the bleepers is to defund them AND vote. Just wait for the right candidate and fund that one. Next cycle, if that one has joined the bleepers, defund and fund another. It’s a filtering system..,


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