It’s About the Future

we’re from the government

Posted by Citizen on June 12, 2007



senate belch-back line: 800-417-7666

white house back talk line: 202-456-1111 


If you ever suspected maybe I’m right and both bodies of congress are entirely corrupt, read this piece by Michelle Malkin. Then tell me whose interests the government is looking out for.


Today Bush is going to arm-twist the congress again in an attempt to force his shamnesty bill through, putting one more government garrot around our necks. If you want to squeak before the noose tightens, phone this number:


senate belch-back line: 800-417-7666




Read ’em and weep. This is your government. They cannot be trusted with matches, much less our Country. Let ’em hear it”


senate belch-back line: 800-417-7666

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