It’s About the Future

can you believe this?

Posted by Citizen on June 23, 2007

Jim Inhofe, a U.S. senator, has a website that is conducting a petition that you can participate in if you want to vent about the smamnesty bill that the corrupt in DC are trying to foist on America. Visit this link if you want to contribute:


You can also write comments, which is why I’m passing this on. This is what I wrote:

I am totally opposed to any and all forms of the current legislation. First: SECURE THE BORDER. Second: Admit immigrants in the order they applied. Third: deport the law breakers. Yes, this would amount to all the illegals, who are trespassers and/or invaders. Which leads back to: SECURE THE BORDERS. That is the first order of business for elected officials, and it’s the one thing about which every elected official is derelect in his duty. SECURE THE BORDER. ADMIT IMMIGRANTS IN THE ORDER THEY APPLIED AND WERE VETTED. DO NOTHING ELSE UNTIL THESE TWO ITEMS ARE COMPLETELY COMPLIED WITH. THIS IS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

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