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warming my _ _ _

Posted by Citizen on July 4, 2007

The climate is falling scam got crowded out by the amnesty nastiness for a while, but can it be much longer before that drum starts bleating again?

I offered this man’s site earlier as an antidote to junk science climate scams. Here is a look at the discussion that takes place on his site, with easy to understand discussion of the facts concerning accurate temperature measurements. The simple conclusion is that anyone making predictions based on data that can have a +/- degree or two of error is just making noise. It’s the old GIGO, Garbage-In_Garbage-Out. The forecast temperature prediction CANNOT POSSIBLY BE MORE ACCURATE THAN THE DATA THAT INFORMS IT.

When the climate scam artists are talking about half-degree temperature changes they are just blowing smoke. There is far too much temperature noise in the data to make any kind of predictions to tenths of a degree an absolute impossibility.

This makes algore’s assertions all the funnier, and the legions of sycophants who believe gore are literally hysterical.

But don’t take my word for it, let the people who actually know what they are talking about inform you:


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