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OSHA is stealing your ammo

Posted by Citizen on July 7, 2007

If you value your second amendment rights, if you want to be able to at least stop the jihadis AT YOUR DOOR, it would behoove you to use this template and contact your dearest and nearest politician as soon as possible. This is a date-certain deadline that will gut your second amendment rights if it goes unchecked. We won’t have any decendents if we don’t defend our freedoms when they are attacked by our own government. Dial for liberty.

Dear ( )

RE: OSHA-2007-0032-0001

I am one of your Constituents and live and Vote in Indiana, which, as you know, is the home of the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, based in Friendship IN. The Traditional American sport of Black Powder Muzzle loading Rifle Competition is already being not so slowly squeezed out of existence by the regulation of Black Powder.

Flintlock and Wheel lock muzzle-loaders require real Black Powder to function – modern substitutes have too high an ignition temperature to work properly, if at all. However, it is now the case that, because of the cost of complying with the regulation of Black Powder as an Explosive, there are often fewer than two or three retailers in an entire State that will carry real Black Powder.

This Rule Update will make that worse, and will carry that regulatory burden even further into the realm of Smokeless Powder cartridge reloading – utterly devastating the sport and Industry, throwing thousands out of work.

The requirements described on Pg 53 and 54 will make it almost impossible for small gun shops to maintain enough reloading supplies to have a viable product mix. There are over 20 different brands and formulations of smokeless powders – making it impossible for a business to be able to offer them all on display. Likewise, many private reloaders prefer to buy in bulk, more than 1lb at a time, and this regulation would make extant 4lb and 8lb canisters illegal.

Also, most shops would have to undergo major architectural renovations and absurd evacuation rules to comply with storage requirements. The net effect of this will be to drive retailers to discontinue all reloading supply sales.

The net result of this regulation will not be more safety, but less, as reloaders make a run on supplies to keep at their homes – possibly in violation of local Fire Codes.

Unaccountable Regulation has all but killed America’s First Sport of Flintlock Riflery. This looks to finish off sport shooting all together.

Please see the NSSF concerns at these links:



This proposed regulatory gutting of the 2nd Amendment is also directly contrary to the spirit and letter of the McClure-Volkmer Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986, which was intended to deregulate ammunition.

I am asking you to investigate and vigorously oppose this blatant attempt at Legislation without Representation.

congressional toll free switchboards:







5 Responses to “OSHA is stealing your ammo”

  1. Gavin said

    Why not just make your own? I have never tried but I can’t imagine it’s too difficult, you just need a basic grasp of chemistry (and an iron will, haha).

  2. Citizen said

    I would have thought a “revolutionist” and “anarchist” would have at least read the post. What you are being robbed of is the components to “make your own.”

    Sometimes it pays to read through before going off half-cocked.

    Thanks for your comment, it makes my point more effective.


  3. Gavin said

    Wow, I didn’t mean to offend you, why are you so pissed? I did read the post, and I don’t see where it talks about making your own. It only seems to talk about where to buy it and future supplier restraints due to increased regulation.

    Besides there is more than one way to skin a cat, and make gun powder for that matter. But I understand that you guys have historical accuracy to worry about, and therefore need just the right blend for such old guns (muskets?).

    Again, I was just trying to offer advice, sorry if it seemed more vindictive than that… even if our politics don’t agree we can still speak amicably to one another.

  4. Citizen said

    I’m not pissed, I’m amused. See, here’s a smile for ya: :)

    It’s not only about black powder and old muskets. It’s about smokeless powder and primers too. The components of all ammunition, which have been handled safely for a hundred years, are suddenly the target of bureaucratic idiots.

    It’s the assault on the second amendment that ticks me off.

    We’re amicable Gavin, I don’t publish comments that aren’t.

    If you’re actually an anarchist we should be seeing eye to eye on this one in spite of political differences, right?

  5. Gavin said

    Absolutely. Just wanted to clarify.

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