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whosoever signs the check is the tax payer

Posted by Citizen on July 21, 2007

My favorite site has another dose of right thinking common sense. This brings up one of my favorite methods to raise howls of disbelief. Buckle up, this requires an open mind and clear thinking. Ready?

The entire US tax code is a ponzi scheme. It has wage earning Americans believing that they pay their own tax bills and social security/ medicare costs. Right? Answer this: do they write a check every pay period and send the monies to the appropriate appropriating agencies? They think so. Their check stubs show all the ‘deductions’ that they’ve ‘paid’, right?

Is that true though? Believing something doesn’t make it true. What’s really going on? Most employees have probably never paid someone else’s wages. But if they had been an employer they would know that it’s the employer who pays the taxes, and the risky IRS reporting scheme  fools the wage earner into believing that he actually paid those taxes, when in fact the employer paid them.

Well, you say, if the employer had paid all that revenue to the employee, and the employee had sent the money in, it would be the same thing, a wash, right? NOT REALLY.

Say that the payroll is a big bowl of jelly beans. The contract states that every week you get 327 jelly beans, except that the JBS (jelly_bean_service) demands that the employer send it 49 jelly beans for one item, and 22 jelly beans for another, and 11 for yet another category of ‘deduction’. So your compensation for the week is actually 245 jelly beans. And the JBS compensation for allowing the employer to employ you is 82 jelly beans.

POP QUIZ  Here’s the trick question, pay attention: who paid the beans to the JBS?

BINGO !!  It could not possibly be you, because you never had 327 jelly beans. You only got 245 jelly beans. That’s all there ever was. The rest of it is accounting smoke and mirrors. You got the smoke and the employer paid the beans to be able to remain in business.

How would I know this? I was self employed most of my life. I wrote the checks to the IRS and filed all the paperwork so I could remain in business. Ergo:

The person who signs the check is the person who pays the taxes, REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE CHECK STUB SAYS. The check stub lies to you. It’s just amazing that so many millions of Americans blindly believe this accounting trick. I think even the overclass has come to believe it, and they should know better.

You didn’t pay anything if you didn’t have it in the first place. The taxpayer is whoever signs the check to the IRS. If you didn’t cut the check, you didn’t pay the taxes.

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