It’s About the Future


This main idea of this site is to aggregate ideas and make plans for the resuscitation of conservative American government. This constitutes a working document for guiding citizens and leaders toward the government that the country’s founders provided. Kind of a government in exile, waiting to be elected. It’s like getting the ducks in order.

resuscitate (v.) To restore consciousness, vigor, or life to. See synonyms at revive
resuscitate (v.) To regain consciousness. The American Heritage Dictionary

This blog may evaporate or it may not. It may be published as a book someday. Or not.

The Rules:

This is my house. Act that way.

Argument is accepted and invited. Rudeness if forbidden.

No comment will appear without my prior knowledge and consent. Your comments are welcome. You don’t have to give a valid email address or your real name. I encourage you to engage on the issues. If you’re a spammer you won’t see your words in print, but if I think you’re a reasonably reasoning human being your comments will be published.

If you like it, hang around. Sometimes big things have just such a beginning.



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