It’s About the Future


This page lets me vent a little CO2 concerning the risky climate alteration scheme propounded by, well, you know who.

The fact is that the entire mania is founded on junk science that is soundly refuted by the facts in evidence.

The very best site I know of to keep abreast of the developing body of correct science is here: http://astuteblogger.blogspot.com/search/label/Climate%20Change

Here’s a scientist who lays out the evidence that the sun warms the earth. Duh- It’s the antidote to the junk science and well worth reading for anyone who doesn’t get confused by actual facts. Here they are:



The second link leads to a very interesting article published a long time ago that explains and accounts for the changing cycles of the sun’s intensity. Believe it or not, the sun not only causes global warming, and cooling, but the sun itself is influenced by the rest of the planets in the solar system. The cycles of their gravity influence the sun’s behavior and create conditions of increased or decreased solar activity. This results in the prediction of global cooling in earth’s near future. We only have to wait a few years to know who’s correct. Isn’t earth watching a hoot?

In case you are wondering, NO ONE in the climate scam community has taken this information into account. THEY ARE WILLFULY IGNORANT of this information, and their opinions are not informed by science. The climate warming nuts can only be categorized as a religious cult, not as serious science.

Another case in point, many of the temperature recording stations in America are out of compliance with the standards for recording temperatures. Situations like temperature stations having asphalt poured around them and air conditioners within range to influence readings. Little details like that, according to an investigator in Chico, CA who is assembling a database of all the errant recording sites. Fun stuff, huh?

Read the whole thing,


Then reflect how illigitimate the scam is. It is based on junk science. Really.

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